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Integration Broker

PeopleSoft Integration Broker related articles, setups, tips and tricks.

How to resubmit on Integration Broker message with DONE status

Go To subscription node in PeopleTools >> Integration Broker >> Monitor Integrations >> Sub Contracts and get teh the PUBID of the message in DONE status

For PT 8.47 and lower run the below SQL to verify that the message status is DONE
select * from PSAPMSGSUBCON where PUBID=;

Then run the update below:

For PT 8.48 and higher, run the below SQL to verify that the message status is DONE
select * from PSAPMSGSUBCON where QUEUESEQID=;

Message cannot be changed. Message referenced in runtime tables (Doc ID 660969.1)

Applies to

PeopleSoft Enterprise PT PeopleTools - Version 8.4 and later
Information in this document applies to any platform.
SPECIFIC TO:Enterprise, Peopletools, PT8.48+

This document was previously published as Customer Connection Solution 201065338

***Checked for relevance on 27-APR-2010***
***Checked for relevance on 12-JAN-2012***
***Checked for relevance on 09-JUL-2014***