Setup Web Services in PeopleSoft

PeopleSoft Web Services – Consume Web Service

Web services is a collection of programming techniques including SOAP, WSDL and XML. They are platform indepent. Web services in PeopleSoft gives you the ability to expose PeopleSoft functions and methods to the outside world over HTTP. It also allows PeopleSoft to use Web services made available by different systems. These are easily accessible via standard HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

PeopleSoft ChangeAssistant and Upgrades

If you are looking to learn about PeopleSoft Change Assistant and Upgrades, you can check the below site. It is a nice tutorial on how to do basic setup and use PeopleSoft Change Assistant

PeopleSoft Change Assistant and Upgrades

Search Record

Usually we set the search record for a component in Component property dialog box.

But the search record in component property can be overridden by specifying the search record in Menu Item properties for the same component!

Integration Broker Basic SetUp for PeopleTools 8.48

While browsing through various sites to find some information on IB, I found the following executable.
It is a nice tutorial on how to do basic setup for Integration Broker.

Just open the following link , save the exe and run it.

PeopleSoft Internet Architecture (PIA)

The PeopleSoft Internet Architecture (PIA) is a server-centric component architecture that enables secure end user access to PeopleSoft applications. Its components include the following:

• Internet Access Device
• Web Server
• Application Server
• Database Server

Each component fulfills a unique niche within the system, all of which are described in the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture Components lesson of this course.

Process Scheduler Run Status (RUNSTATUS) Values

Process scheduler status is stored as numeric values behind the RUNSTATUS field. So, here are the values corresponding to each value.

---------- ------------- 
1          Cancel    
2          Delete    
3          Error     
4          Hold      
5          Queued    
6          Initiated 
7          Processing
8          Cancelled 
9          Success   
10         No Success
11         Posted    
12         Not Posted
13         Resend    
14         Posting   
15         Generated 
16         Pending   


I thought this might be handy tool to use. I had created for my use. I thought someone else might need it too.
This tools pickups any file and spits out "formatted" SQL (tables that begin with PS_ only) from it. I use it to run through my trace files and pick up the sql.

There are better tools out there, but this one is FREE! Cant beat that ah! I hope to make improvements as time permits. Feel free to pass it on.

Work Flow Walkthrough

Hi all,

This is very basic Doc for Workflow. Even those who has not worked yet on workflow can go through and start making their own.

This helped me a lot.

I hope this is really goonne help.

Nitin Khanna

Call Unix Script from PeopleCode

A function to call UNIX and/or shell script from PeopleCode.

/*call unix script from PeopleCode*/
Function CallScript;

   /*According to PeopleBooks, PS_HOME is always prefixed to the file location*/
   &exitCode = Exec("/path/to/script/scriptname ", True);


The Exec command has changed in PT8.4x so the above function will be:

Function CallScript;
   /*Use %Exec_Asynchronous if it is not important to wait for a response from the called script*/

Oracle SUBSTR Function

The SUBSTR function is used to extract characters from a word or sentence.

For Example, I have run into many situations were I need to apply different programming logic based on characters in a string.

Suppose I have an employee table with an employee_id and employee_name (First, Last, middle) and I want to store the middle name in my database as middle initial only. So I only need the first character of the middle name.

I can simply do this by using a SUBSTR on the middle name field.

SELECT SUBSTR(middle_name,0,1) middle_initial FROM <employee>