Nightly batch processes????

Guys.... In this post I'm just sharing my thoughts on nightly batch processes rather than writing any technical solution or design.

The other day we had some issues with a few of the batch processes running in our production. Some of the custom mass update processes where running for hours which slowed down the system and in turn crashing one of the app servers. Luckily we have failover app servers configured, so we didn't receive hundreds of emails and tickets logged by the end users. :-)

PeopleSoft Web Services 101

I'm not an expert on Web Services. This is just an attempt to provide a basic, simple introduction for CompShack visitors. Please feel free to comment or suggest any additions to the topic.

What is a Web Service?
From how I understand it, a Web Service is a set of technologies based on a set of standards to build applications that can "talk" to each other. In other words, Web Service is an application that exists over the web.

Find Duplicate Objects in Application Desinger Projects

The sql will identify duplicate objects in different application designer projects to eliminate duplicate work by developers.

You will find the SQL very handy during the analysis phase of a peoplesoft upgrade project. You 1st need to identify your projects and run compare and report through application designer. This will flag objects in the source database that are different than the target database to be marked for upgrade.

Permission Lists Assigned to a User

SQL that I find useful in many occasions. It will return a list of permissions that are assigned to a specific user.

SELECT   d.oprid, d.oprdefndesc, c.roleuser, a.rolename, a.classid,
    FROM psroleclass a, psclassdefn b, psroleuser c, psoprdefn d
   WHERE a.classid = b.classid
     AND c.rolename = a.rolename
     AND d.oprid = c.roleuser
     AND d.oprid = :userid
GROUP BY d.oprid,

Compare Report in CSV or HTML format

Click here -> Compare Report in HTML format to see how you can generate compare reports in HTML or CSV format.

Download Collaborate 08 Education Sessions

The education presentations from COLLABORATE 08 will be available on website until May 15th.

Filter on PeopleSoft sessions and download the ones you are interested in. Here is the link.

Trace Application Engine Processes Using Process Definitions

In this post I will show you how to trace an application engine process using the Process Definitions without setting the trace in the Process Scheduler’s psprcs.cfg configuration file.

Navigate to the process definition of the application engine that you would like to trace (PeopleTools > Process Scheduler > Processes). Go to the Overrride Options tab, and from the Parameter List drop down select Append, and in the edit box next to it add the following line:


TRACE application engine using process definition

Vendor Pending Transactions

A quick function that will allow you to verify if a specific vendor has any pending transaction(s).

Function vendor_pnding_transactions();

      SQLExec("select 'X' from ps_voucher a, ps_pymnt_vchr_xref b where a.voucher_id = b.voucher_id and a.business_unit = b.business_unit and a.vendor_id = :1 and a.entry_status in ('P', 'R')and a.close_status = 'O' and b.pymnt_selct_status in ('N', 'D', 'R')", &VENDOR, &EXISTS);
      If All(&EXISTS) Then
         Error Messagebox(0,"",0,0,("Vendor has pending transaction(s).");

Troubleshoot the SMTP Server

The SendMail function in PeopleSoft uses the SMTP server to send emails. The first thing to do when troubleshooting problems with emails not being sent is to make sure your SMTP server is up and running. In this post, I will show you how to verify if you can connect to the SMTP server as well as manually sending an email!

Note: I’m using Unix Telnet to connect to the SMTP sever.

Let’s get started by trying to connect to the server:

Open a telnet session and login to the server box you would like to test sending emails from. I will be logging in to a DEV environment.

Send Emails from PeopleCode (SendMail Function)

You can use the SendMail PeopleCode function to send emails from within PeopleCode. You can also call this function from an Application Engine.

Note: Make sure your SMTP server is configured properly or the SendMail function will fail.

Local number &MAIL_FLAGS;

&MAIL_TO = "email-address-message-going-to";
&MAIL_CC = "";
&MAIL_BCC = "";
&MAIL_SUBJECT = "Test email";