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Component interface Error: no rows exist for the specified keys

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I have an application Engine that call to a Component Interface... the AE runs successfully if I run/submit from Application Engine > Request AE... but If I want that the user runs ( from a Page /Bottom ), it send me the error "Component interface no rows exist for the specified keys"... I already add on the permission list the the component Interface... i think that is because the Search Record of my component (PERS_SRCH_GBL ) is using the field ROWSECCLASS.... I perform a query on PERS_SRCH_GBL (from an employee) and I see that the ROWSECCLASS is the same that my end-user has in their User-Profile in the field Row Security (PSOPRDEFN.ROWSECCLASS)..

Somebody have any idea of what else I should verify?