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How to use the same prompt table for three fields on a page?

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I have three fields on my page which are using prompt:
The views behind these pompts pickup value from the same base table and there is no where clause involved.It is a simple select statement for three of them:
Field1 - Prompt table SQL - select Field1 from Table 1
Field2 - Prompt table SQL - select Field2 from Table 1
Field3 - Prompt table SQL - select Field3 from Table 1
I want to use the same view for all the three prompts if possible
Is there some way I can achive this?The prompt table always pick ups the high leve key field for populating the prompt so it takes only one field to populate the prompt for all the fields.
I tried achievng this through dervied record but it didnot work.
Can anyone help me?

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Re: How to use the same prompt table for three fields on a page?

I don't think you can use same record as prompt for all three fields