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Manual HTML Tag support for HTML_SUB in XMLP

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Hi, I am using PT 8.53 PUM5 , XMLP with XML as data source where XML is getting generated using peoplecode.

In HRMS Text catalog , customer has a string with bind variable which are assigned while creating final statement. Customer want to have few words out of that as bold/italic.

Hi %1 , Thanks for enrolling in %2 event , your changes will take place on %3 and you will notified on your email id %4. Please submit %5 documents before %6

HRMS Text catalog is not Rich text enabled so I have to put HTML Tags manually. I tried HRMS_SUB approach , It was working perfect locally but while running fro PIA, it is showing HTML Tags as it is. I verified generated xml has correct tags as expected

In Oracle documentation , its mentioned that It will work for RTE Enable/CKEditor input which user puts in RTE Enabled long text field , Is their any way to get it worked when entering tags manually? Or I need to have some other tags?

Thanks in advance

Bhushan Gupta