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PeopleSoft Integration fails

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Hi Guys,
We are integrating with active directory from peoplesoft. few of the messages are failing with the below error message, but most of the messages are success.
I have checked in active directory for the employee to whom the message is processing. but the all the employees are available. not sure how to resolve this.

Interlink Definition: Execution failed. (122,2) FUNCLIB_EO_DS.DSMASSCHANGE.FieldFormula Name:GetAtt PCPC:4539 Statement:60
Called from:FUNCLIB_EO_DS.DSPCODE.FieldFormula Name:PopAttrMap Statement:828
Called from:FUNCLIB_EO_DS.DSPCODE.FieldFormula Name:LoadMaskArray Statement:1285
Called from:FUNCLIB_EO_DS.DSPCODE.FieldFormula Name:Dir_Mapping_Func Statement:1615
Called from:FUNCLIB_EO_DS.DSMAPMESSAGE.FieldFormula Name:BuildMappingMessage Statement:656
Called from:DSWORKFORCE_SYNC_EFF.DSMappingSub.OnExecute Name:OnNotify Statement:6

Please advise me


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Thanks for sharing

It agree, the useful message