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Peoplesoft sqrs

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how to apply the colors to sqr pdf output,
will you please give me the detailed code

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Re: Peoplesoft sqrs

there is a set-color command in SQR. You may use that. I don't have the code though..



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Re: Peoplesoft sqrs

SQR comes with sixteen defined colors.DECLARE-COLOR-MAP command is used to define additional colors in the BEGIN-SETUP section.

We can use defined colors directly as follows....
print 'Hello' (1,2)

SET-COLOR nad GET-COLOR commands can also be used.This commands are allowed wherever the PRINT command is allowed.
The GET-COLOR command retieves the current color.
eg: get-color print-text-foreground=($color)
The SET-COLOR command sets the color.
eg:set-color print-text-foreground=(’purple’)