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PS Query - Need Dependency and Prunable examples

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So I'm in the midst of modifying this massive PS Query to add some new functionality. It runs quite a long time, and after our last Tools upgrade I notice the new Dependency tab in Query Manager. It shows each record that is part of the query, and has a Prunable? checkbox.

There is also an Add Field Dependency pushbutton which opens up a gride below.

Of course, the documentation which Oracle provides on this functionality is totally lacking any examples or even a good explanation. Is anyone familiar with this? How does the "Prunable?" flag work? How are the Field Dependencies used?

My query has 10 tables/views and a ton of criteria. Several of the tables are pretty big and I don't necessarily have all the criteria needs to restrict them down to the point where they can easily use an index. Maybe "Prunable?" will help? But I need a better understanding of what it's doing and under what conditions... Examples would be wonderful.

Can anyone help?


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Re: PS Query - Need Dependency and Prunable examples

I agree completely with your comment regarding PeopleBooks. I cannot figure this out either