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Macro to save a file with last Friday's date (yyyymmdd)

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I'm new to VBA and am trying to save an .xls file I received today with last Friday's date in the file name (i.e. TGO_20090807). I receive many files all week and would like to use a macro to save them all as they arrive in this save folder. Once I receive all of the weekly files I want to create a macro that will zip all the text files and save them to a new zip file using the same file name (i.e. I'll need to do this every week so I need the macro to be able to change the dates each week to last Friday's date. This is pretty complicated to a beginner, and I've been searching the web trying to find an example I can use. Can anyone help me?

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Re: Macro to save a file with week name eg:filemon.bak

Hi Friends!!

I want to save file with name of the week to my backup file. for eg :bkupmon.dmp,bkuptue.dmp so on. In winxp DOS mode batch file. Please help me in this regard.

thanking you