FTP Files in PeopleSoft

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PeopleSoft Integration Broker – FTP Files
This article explains how you can download files from FTP servers using Integration Broker. It is usually helpful because it becomes it's quite easy and you don’t have to hard code user id and passwords in SQR, Application Engine or PeopleCode.
We are going to use Integration Broker technology to FTP files. PeopleTools comes with FTPTARGET connector that can be used to GET and PUT the files. You can follow the steps below to play around with the files.

Download file from FTP server:

1. Create FTP GET node: This node will be used to download the file from FTP server. Setup the node using these instructions:

  • Go to PeopleTools , Integration Broker , Integration Setup, Nodes.
    Add a new node called FILE_FTP_GET_NODE. Make sure that node type is ‘External’ and it’s an Active node.
  • Go to Connectors tab and enter Gateway Id ‘Local’. In Connector Id field, select ‘FTPTARGET’ by clicking magnifying glass. Connector properties will be populated automatically.

  • Enter all the required fields such as hostname, userid, password (encrypted), etc. Enter ‘GET’ for method property. This is to tell the node that we are downloading the file.

  • You may add other properties for example ‘DIRECTORY’ to mention the folder where file resides. You may also specify name of the file using ‘FILENAME’ property.

  • Save the node.

2. Create Service Operation: Now create a Synchronous Service Operation. It will use two Services. Let’s create two non-rowset services called: FTP_RQST_SVC and FTP_RESP_SVC. Now add a new synchronous Service Operation called: FILE_FTP_GET_OPR. Use the above services as Request and Response in your service operation. Save it.
3. Create Routing: Go to Routing tab of FILE_FTP_GET_OPR service operation and add a new routing called: FILE_FTP_GET_RTG. In the routing definition, specify ‘PSFT_EP’ or your local node as ‘Sender Node’ and ‘FILE_FTP_GET_NODE’ as your 'Receiver Node'. Make sure that the routing is activated.

Now your integration broker setup for FTP the file is ready. Write PeopleCode to use the above setup. You may write code in Application Engine or behind a push button. You can even write Request and Response handlers.

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slap (not verified)
Re: FTP Files in PeopleSoft

hi, I have 2 questions:
1. are the files handled like that any type of files, or only XML IB messages ?
2. do you have any example of the code in the AE ?

many thanks.

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Guest (not verified)
Re: FTP Files in PeopleSoft

can you send me the sample code for downloading the file from FTP using AE

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Guest (not verified)
Re: FTP Files in PeopleSoft

Hi - did anyone get a hold of the sample AE code?