Changing Date Format Using PeopleCode

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Peoplesoft provides a function called as "DateTimeToLocalizedString" to change date from one format into another.

Following is syntax used to achiev this.

DateTimeToLocalizedString({datetime | date}, [Pattern])

Param1 : Variable of Date Datatype
Param2 : Date format which you want for example "dd/MM/yyyy".

If you have Param1 of type string then use function "DateValue" to convert that string to Date.

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Re: Changing Date and Date time formate example

Here is an example on how we can apply the above function.

%date in as 2008-08-29 out as 20080829:

&date = DateTimeToLocalizedString(%Date, "yyyyMMdd");

%Datetime in as 2008-08-19- out as 20080828-171209:

&datetime = DateTimeToLocalizedString(%Datetime, "yyyyMMdd-HHmmss");

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Re: Changing Date Format Using PeopleCode

So I have a question.

I've been trying to get the year from a date value.

&LastDateWorkedYear = &rs1(&I).TIA_VW.LAST_DATE_WORKED.Value;
&LastDateWorkedYear = Year(&LastDateWorkedYear);

I get this error:

An invalid date has been encountered in a PeopleCode program.

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Re: Changing Date Format Using PeopleCode

Are you sure that the &LastDateWorkedYear has a valid date?

Year(DATE) function will work only if the provided DATE is a vaild date format. If it is a Date time field then it wont work. Or else declare &LastDateWorkedYear as date and then try.

pls do let me know which one resolves your issue.