Delete All Grid Rows

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A very simple yet very useful code to give users the option to delete all grid rows on a page at once. I've implemented such a requirement by placing a "Delete all" button above a grid to give PeopleSoft users the option to delete all rows at once instead of clicking the "-" grid button. If the gird has, lets say, 20 rows, then a user will have to click the "-" delete grid button 20 times to delete all rows, compared to one click on the "Delete all" button.

Place the code below behind a field change event.

   &RECCNT = ActiveRowCount(Record.record_name_behind_grid);
   For &I = &RECCNT To 1 Step - 1
      DeleteRow(Record.record_name_behind_grid, &I)

It is important to point out that users will still have to save the page for the deletion to take place at the database level.

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Re: Delete All Grid Rows

Another form -Visual-:

Local Rowset &MiRowSet = GetRowset(Scroll.MyScroll);

The records will be deleted from the buffer not from the DB.... if you want to delete from DB in the same buttom:

Local SQL &MySQL;
&MySQl = CreateSQL("Delete from %Table(:1) where KEY1 = :1 And ...",Record.MyTable,&MyKeys)