Find Duplicate Objects in Application Desinger Projects

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The sql will identify duplicate objects in different application designer projects to eliminate duplicate work by developers.

You will find the SQL very handy during the analysis phase of a peoplesoft upgrade project. You 1st need to identify your projects and run compare and report through application designer. This will flag objects in the source database that are different than the target database to be marked for upgrade.

Now run the SQL below, if you have rows coming back then you have objects that exists in more than on project. You will need to examine the MIN(PROKECTNAME) AND MAX(PROJECTNAME) columns and decide in which project to keep the duplicate object. To take an object off a project, just navigate to the "upgrade" tab, uncheck the upgrade flag and save. Re-run the sql and your object will not show as duplicate any more.

SELECT   (CASE objecttype
             WHEN 0
                THEN 'Record'
             WHEN 1
                THEN 'Index'
             WHEN 2
                THEN 'Field'
             WHEN 3
                THEN 'Field Format'
             WHEN 4
                THEN 'Translate Value'
             WHEN 5
                THEN 'Pages'
             WHEN 6
                THEN 'Menus'
             WHEN 7
                THEN 'Components'
             WHEN 8
                THEN 'Record PeopleCode'
             WHEN 9
                THEN 'Menu PeopleCode'
             WHEN 10
                THEN 'Query'
             WHEN 11
                THEN 'Tree Structures'
             WHEN 12
                THEN 'Trees'
             WHEN 13
                THEN 'Access group'
             WHEN 14
                THEN 'Color'
             WHEN 15
                THEN 'Style'
             WHEN 16
                THEN 'N/A'
             WHEN 17
                THEN 'Business process'
             WHEN 18
                THEN 'Activity'
             WHEN 19
                THEN 'Role'
             WHEN 20
                THEN 'Process Definition'
             WHEN 21
                THEN 'Server Definition'
             WHEN 22
                THEN 'Process Type Definition'
             WHEN 23
                THEN 'Job Definitions'
             WHEN 24
                THEN 'Recurrence Definition'
             WHEN 25
                THEN 'Message Catalog'
             WHEN 26
                THEN 'Dimension'
             WHEN 27
                THEN 'Cube Definitions'
             WHEN 28
                THEN 'Cube Instance Definitions'
             WHEN 29
                THEN 'Business Interlink'
             WHEN 30
                THEN 'SQL'
             WHEN 31
                THEN 'File Layout Definition'
             WHEN 32
                THEN 'Component Interfaces'
             WHEN 33
                THEN 'AE program'
             WHEN 34
                THEN 'AE section'
             WHEN 35
                THEN 'Message Node'
             WHEN 36
                THEN 'Message Channel'
             WHEN 37
                THEN 'Message'
             WHEN 38
                THEN 'Approval rule set'
             WHEN 39
                THEN 'Message PeopleCode'
             WHEN 40
                THEN 'Subscription PeopleCode'
             WHEN 41
                THEN 'N/A'
             WHEN 42
                THEN 'Component Interface PeopleCode'
             WHEN 43
                THEN 'AE PeopleCode'
             WHEN 44
                THEN 'Page PeopleCode'
             WHEN 45
                THEN 'Page Field PeopleCode'
             WHEN 46
                THEN 'Component PeopleCode'
             WHEN 47
                THEN 'Component Record PeopleCode'
             WHEN 48
                THEN 'Component Rec Fld PeopleCode'
             WHEN 49
                THEN 'Image'
             WHEN 50
                THEN 'Style sheet'
             WHEN 51
                THEN 'HTML'
             WHEN 52
                THEN 'Not used'
             WHEN 53
                THEN 'Permission List'
             WHEN 54
                THEN 'Portal Registry Definitions'
             WHEN 55
                THEN 'Portal Registry Structures'
             WHEN 56
                THEN 'URL Definitions'
             WHEN 57
                THEN 'Application Packages'
             WHEN 58
                THEN 'Application Package Peoplecode'
             WHEN 59
                THEN 'Portal Registry User Homepage'
             WHEN 60
                THEN 'Problem Type'
             WHEN 61
                THEN 'Archive Templates'
             WHEN 62
                THEN 'XSLT'
             WHEN 63
                THEN 'Portal Registry User Favorite'
             WHEN 64
                THEN 'Mobile Page'
             WHEN 65
                THEN 'Relationships'
             WHEN 66
                THEN 'Component Interface Property Peoplecode'
             WHEN 67
                THEN 'Optimization Models'
             WHEN 68
                THEN 'File References'
             WHEN 69
                THEN 'File Type Codes'
             WHEN 70
                THEN 'Archive Object Definitions'
             WHEN 71
                THEN 'Archive Templates (Type 2)'
             WHEN 72
                THEN 'Diagnostic Plug In'
             WHEN 73
                THEN 'Analytic Model'
         ) AS objecttype,
         MIN (projectname), MAX (projectname), objectvalue1, objectvalue2,
         objectvalue3, objectvalue4
    FROM psprojectitem
   WHERE projectname LIKE 'projectname_%'
   -- or you can use projectname in ('project1', 'project2', 'project3', 'project4'
     AND takeaction = '1'
GROUP BY objecttype, objectvalue1, objectvalue2, objectvalue3, objectvalue4
  HAVING COUNT (*) > 1
ORDER BY objecttype, objectvalue1, objectvalue2, objectvalue3, objectvalue4;

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Re: Find Duplicate Objects in Application Desinger Projects

Great post! I liked it so much, I wanted to post on my blog as well. I will just link to this one.