Flush Unwanted Grid Rows Using PeopleCode

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In one of my previous posts; I showed you how to populate a grid
using a record or view and a "where" clause. But, what if you want to
narrow the data on the grid depending on what the customer wants to see.

Lets say you have a grid that shows PTO balance for your employees. The
page the customer is using have a check box that if checked will narrow
the grid data to only show "Negative" PTO balances. This is how you go
about doing that:

&numberOfRows = &RS.ActiveRowCount;
/*loop through the grid data on row at a time*/
For &I = 1 To &numberOfRows

&ptoBalance = FetchValue(Scroll.MGR_ELB_RPT, &I, TL_PTO_WRK.TAFW_PTO);
/*if PTO balance is positive then go ahead and delete the row from the
grid and the component buffer. Note that FlushRow will not delete the
row from the database */

If &ptoBalance > 0 Then

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