Check for User Role

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A very handy PeopleCode function to check for a user role(s) and perform specific actions depending on the value returned.

Function RoleToMatch(&RoleToMatch) Returns boolean;
   &bFound = False;
/*Returns an array containing all roles associated to the current user*/
   &aRoles = %Roles;
/*Loop through the array*/
   For &I = 1 To &aRoles.Len
      &RoleName = &aRoles.Shift();
      If Upper(LTrim(RTrim(&RoleName))) = Upper(LTrim(RTrim(&RoleToMatch))) Then
         &bFound = True;
   Return &bFound;

...and here is how to call the function
/*Note: Don't forget to declare your function before you call it*/
/* Declare variables
&aRoles is an array of string that will store roles from %roles */

Local array of string &aRoles;
Local number &I;
Local string &RoleName;
Local boolean &bFound;
/*Function Call*/
/*The role that I would like to validate if a user has is "Administrator"*/
If RoleToMatch("Administrator") Then
   /*What you want to do goes here*/

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Bart Spaey (not verified)

There also exists a PeopleCode function "IsUserInRole" (and also "IsUserInPermissionList").

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Great alternative!

Bart, thanks for pointing out the functions. I guess this will shrink the above code to 1 line! And to follow up on your comment here is the syntax and little explanation for each of the functions.

IsUserInRole(rolename1 [, rolename2]. . .)

Returns True if the current user belongs to one or more role specified in the role array, otherwise it returns false.
IsUserInPermissionList(PermissionList1 [, PermissionList2]. . .)

Returns True if the current user has access to one or more permission list specified in the passed array, otherwise it returns false.

Thanks again Bart!

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Priyanka (not verified)
Re: Check for User Role

Yes, I agree tht IsUserInRole is a very handy function.

I've used it as given below:

If (&PrevAct = "LOA" And

ACTION <> "RFL") And


Error (MsgGetText(20000, 533, ""));