How to Read a File Using SQR?

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Here is some SQR code that will enable you to read a file. The code will also track # of records being read and will print out how many records have been rejected as well as total records read.

! Procedure: Read-Input-File !
! Descr:     Read file               !
Begin-Procedure Read-Input-File
#debug show 'Entering Read-Input-File'

Read 1 into $Record:3000  !skip the headings

Move 0 to #Tot_Recs
Move 0 to #Recs_Rej

While Not #end-file
        Read 1 into $Input:3000 Status=#Read_stat
        If #end-file
                Do Close-file
Add 1 to #Tot_Recs     
If #Read_Stat <> 0              !SQR returns zero if the read is successful
        Show 'Bad return from the Read command, errno= ' #Read_Stat
        Show ' Record # = ' #Tot_Recs
        Print 'Could not read record # ' (+1, 1)
        Print  #Tot_Recs () edit 8888888888
        Add 1 to #Recs_Rej
        Show 'Calling Process-Input-Record to process record # ' #Tot_Recs
        Do Process-Input-Record
!At this point all records are read from the file

End-Procedure Read-Input-File

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sqr code from excel

Thanks for the post, Do u have the code for reading from excel and inserting into peoplesoft.

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Do it just the same

The file I'm reading above was actually an excel file that has been saved as a .txt file! Have you tried doing that to your file and then attempt to read it?

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Re: How to Read a File Using SQR?

How to read a data from external file and insert into a record by using SQR. I need a basic program