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PeopleCode Reference to Invalid Record or Field in SYSAUDIT

Record peoplecode in two fields were added in upgrade tab of a project but later these fields were replaced by new fields.This project was migrated to higher environments without deleting the two peoplecode.Hence during a sysaudit in an higher environment it showed "PeopleCode Reference to Invalid Record or Field".

Now the solution suggested was to change the action for the peoplecode to "Delete" and then migrate it so that it would get reflected in higher environments but we deleted the two peoplecodes from the project and saved it.

Running SQR from Process Scheduler

Hi friends,

My questions are as follows:
• In App Designer, I cloned a Run Control record, deleted the unnecessary fields, and added
Begin date and End date fields.
In PRCSRUNCNTL_LC_SBP, do I need to use PRCSRUNCNTL record or use my own?
My logic tells me to use my Run Control record.

• I need to build a new sub folder for reports under an existing folder under Portal.
How would I connect a menu to the new subfolder?