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File layout


I have to import data from a csv file which contains the header as a date. And the body contains the details of the transactions.The footer contains the count of the number of rows processed in transaction. I have to load the header in Table 1 and validate whether the date matches with the system date .And the transactions data in a separate table 2 and the footer into the table 3 and have to validate whether the total count of the transactions matches with the footer . Please help me out.


can any body tell me how to display a grid with more than one row when a page is loaded.
thanks in advance

How to run query in People soft ps query using Excel Macro

I am working on a macro to run query in People soft ps query from excel and save the output at some given location.
Here are steps that I exactly want to do

1. Put all query name (not entire query) under column a in excel Sheet.
2. Run macro to open PS Query.
3. Run query (only private) in PS Query.
4. Output should be saving at given path in given format.

Primarily I am looking for some code that can call ps query from excel macro.

Please suggest me on this.
Thanks in advance


App Engine run from App Designer

Hello All,

I created a simple Application Engine and try to run from App Designer. But I could not see run button in the app designer when I opened it to run. I am using PT 8.49, PS HRMS, Oracle 10g. I am just wondering why it is not showing the run button .