Application Engine

Application engine

The parent process(Application engine) runs successfully without the child process being triggered. However, in the parent's message logs, it is seen that the run control id for the child is generated. What might be the issue here? Need info ASAP.

Consuming Sync Web Service Using Application Engine

Does anyone have a example of code used to consume a message using App Engine?

I have spent a ton of time looking high and low for a good example. I am a 15 year psoft guy, back to 7.5. But, web services are new to me.

Current Financials environment is 9.1 tools 8.51. I searched all App Eng pcode for 'OnRequestSend' and only came back with two hits. (PTCPBKPT - and - PTIBBACKPORT). Neither are very intuitive.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


set processing

can someone pls let me know how to convert the below code to set processing one:

Local string &oprid, &emplid, &operpswd, &flag;

&flag = "N";

While (&SQL1.Fetch(&oprid))

rem MessageBox(0, "", 0, 0, "&oprid:-" | &oprid);

SQLExec("select 'Y' from PS_USER where OPRID = :1", &oprid, &flag);

MessageBox(0, "", 0, 0, "&oprid:- " | &oprid | " Flag is " | &flag);

If (&flag = "Y") Then

Restrictive Page.Activate event and Insert, Update or Delete data.

Hi All
we have encountered an issue with the Page.Activate event and saving data. We have resolved the issue and I'd like to post our solution. I have searched for the issue on this site and can not see anyone asking for help however appologises nonetheless for repetition if this situation has been covered.

Page PeopleCode events only permits a DML SQL commands (Insert,Delete...) to called particular circumstances. These events are well documented - look for PeopleBooks Component Process workflow Post Change, Save Change etc.

How can we call an Application Engine from another Application Engine?


How can we call an application engine program from an Application Engine?? Can we use the PeopleCode action in an App Engine to call another App Engine?

I'm aware that you can call sections from an App Engine.

Thanks for your time.

Regarding Errror -"SQL.Execute: SQL object is not open, or is a open on a select."

I am trying to load a set of data files using Application Engine and CI.
I was successfully able to load 1 file with 500 rows and without any issues.
but while loading the 2nd file I encounterd an error:
"SQL.Execute: SQL object is not open, or is a open on a select. (2,295) AF_ACCT_TRAN.MAIN.GBL.default.1900-01-01.Step01.OnExecute PCPC:5107 Statement:71"

Can someone please help?

Following is my code:

/* ===>
This is a dynamically generated PeopleCode template to be used only as a helper
to the application developer.

App Engine run from App Designer

Hello All,

I created a simple Application Engine and try to run from App Designer. But I could not see run button in the app designer when I opened it to run. I am using PT 8.49, PS HRMS, Oracle 10g. I am just wondering why it is not showing the run button .