PS HCM AWE - Transaction routing to Requestor for approval, when he is the Delegatee by his 1 up Manager


We have a custom transaction configured in AWE, where if the transaction has been delegated by a manager to his direct report, and when the direct report submits the transaction, it comes back to him for approval, while the expectation is for the transaction to go to skip level manager.

Any hints on how this could be resolved.

AWE - Transaction is in XREF, but not in the PS Workflow Tables

I am new to AWE. We have a custom AWE which was created for us by a contractor and we're not supporting it.

The issue is that the transaction request is in the header table and in the XREF table. Keys populated correctly. But the thread ID from that xref table does not exist in eoaw_stepinst; consequently, not in eoaw_userinst. This particular transaction should have a step to approve, and that step is not there. On the transaction page, it says, "No Approvals Required", which should not be the case.

URL is not generated in email in AWE

Hi All,

I have configured one generic template and attached it in Transaction Configuration in Notification section
Email is getting triggered,but URL is not generated in the email.

I have given Internal URL Options in Transaction Register as
Internal URL Base : EMP_SERVLET
Internal Portal Name: Employee
Internal Node Name : ERP

I checked URL EMP_SERVLET and it's correct

Can someone please advise on this? I am in HCM 9.1, Peopletools 8.52

Approval Workflow Engine : How to CC for all the email notifications

Hi All -

Requirement is to send email(CC) to admin for all the email notifications sent to employees using AWE.
Can any one please let me know how to achieve this object. Do I need to modify the code to write peoplecode logic or can this be achieved using setup?

Thanks in Advance

Worklist not updating properly

Hi compshack,

how u doing? long time!

I'm facing an issue in the worklist page

After submitting a transfer request, the workflow is routed correctly to the approver via. AWE.

Email notifications are getting triggered properly but a weird thing is happening when it comes to the worklist part

PSWORKLIST table shows a row containing the details of the request with the INSTSTATUS value as '0', but nothing is getting displayed for the particular request in the worklist page!

The corresponding workflow table for the transaction is PS_PTFAW_WL which also contains the needed data

Help reqd on AWE

Hello Compshack!

I need your help urgently with this, am in the middle of setting up notifications for a custom component using the Approval Workflow Engine. I have setup the details of the transaction under Setup HRMS > Common Defns > Approvals, and added code calling the DoSubmit() in SavePostChange of the component.