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To capture Logical Errors from Component Interface


I need to capture logical errors which occurs in CI which is in a section of Application engine.

Here is the scenrio: This all is in one Application Engine

1. I have done the data cleaning in section 1.
2. In section 2 -- I am loading the data in component bysing CI code from staging tbl.
3. It works perfect when data is correct.
---Errored scenerio: example : I am trying to load Country as USA and state as PUNJAB
--In this case, it throws error beacuse PUNJAB is not the state of USA and it doesn't come under resppective prompt.

Related Language Table Updates throgh Component Interface

Hi All,

Can anbody advice me on the Below Issue
We have created a Custom Table(Z_JOB_JR_LANG) related Language table and assigned to the Record (JOB_JR)Property related Language record.
We have some forms And e Calling CI_JOB_DATA Component Interfcae on Button.Fieldchange..My requirement is to Update the Values of Work record Fields Like(Language_cd,business_title) to the Related Langugae table Table(Z_JOB_JR_LANG) through CI.

When ever I click Submit button ,CI peoplecode is Firing and inserting previous row valelataue to the new row in the Related language table.

swapnika people soft questions

1). How do we configure the Peoplesoft Calendar Configuration from the Informatica and OBiee side

2. How do we configure the Currencies

3. How do we configure the GL Accounts

send the answers to:

thanks in advance

how to run CI from front end and how to call from peoplecode

when i drag ci to peoplecode...its only coming the code for some log files.
can u please give some examples and snapshots that how to run ci through peoplecode.

and one more thing i want to load data from excel file to peoplesoft through ci.....after creating the ci...only through Excel To Ci.xcl we can load the data to peoplesoft...

But i want to RUN that CI from front end to load the data from my excel it possible...Please give some example and snapshots..


Help me out....
I am able to insert new rows....
But unable to update the existing ones......
Local File &fileLog;
Local ApiObject &oSession, &oCiPb2;

Function errorHandler()
Local ApiObject &oPSMessageCollection, &oPSMessage;
Local number &i;
Local string &sErrMsgSetNum, &sErrMsgNum, &sErrMsgText, &sErrType;

&oPSMessageCollection = &oSession.PSMessages;
For &i = 1 To &oPSMessageCollection.Count
&oPSMessage = &oPSMessageCollection.Item(&i);