Crystal Reports

Image in PSQuery

I want to print signatures of user printing the report on the crystal report. When i tried to query a table having image field in PS query it shows Database driven error.Is there a way to achieve this.Signatures willl be stored as gif in database.How do i get them.Please suggest

Burst pdf in crystal report

I want to burst a crystal report pdf into multiple pdfs based on the customer.Is this feasible in crystal.

Crystal report process going to error

When running the crystal report in peoplesoft,the process is ending in error and displaying a message "Process Request shows status of 'INITIATED' or 'PROCESSING' but no longer running".
Please suggest.

PSNumtoWords Function in Crystal Reports 9.0

PsNumtoWords('POR',3000,0) returns an invalid text, where PsNumtoWords('POR',2000,0) returns the correct Portuguese Translate.

Am using the same in a Formula.
Database is in ENG.