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Dynamic Views - PeopleSoft V8

I have created a dynamic view (to be used as a prompt) in our PeopleSoft Version 9 environment to pull back values based on what is getting returned from a business interlink. Since our Version 9 environment is not available yet, we need to apply something similar to our PeopleSoft Version 8 environment. When I tried to apply this same logic, it is saying that the SQLText is not a valid property of the field class. I was just wondering if there is something equivalent to this SQLText property in Version 8 or how I should go about doing something similar.

PeopleCode from Version 9:

Getting prompts into complex query in PS

Can you tell me the best practice for this scenario? We want to provide a menu item, that when the user chooses it, will provide job information. The user will enter various prompts such as selected business units, deptids, empl_status, and so on. The result should be similar to query results on the screen, with an option to download.

pEOPLE cODE Dynamic views calling Dynamic Views

thank you for your example. Help me a lot, but my case is a little bit different.
I need to get the security row level base on the login user so I am using a dinamic view with the following code

SELECT rowsecclass
, oprid
SELECT rowsecclass
, oprid
FROM SYSADM.psoprdefn )
WHERE %oprclause

With the RowsecClass I need to get the groups and display them in the LookPrompt so I am using a second dynamic view

SELECT group_id
WHERE rowsecclass in (
SELECT rowsecclass