Approval Workflow Engine : How to CC for all the email notifications

Hi All -

Requirement is to send email(CC) to admin for all the email notifications sent to employees using AWE.
Can any one please let me know how to achieve this object. Do I need to modify the code to write peoplecode logic or can this be achieved using setup?

Thanks in Advance

Reading Inbound Email


How to read an email in outlook and download the attachments using peoplecode and how to save the subject of the email

Opening Email Client with PeopleCode

Does anybody know how to open an the email client using PeopleCode? I have a pushbutton/hyperlink on a page but I'm not sure how to call the "mailto" logic

SQR: Email sent Successful but No Attachment (UNIX)


I have created SQR for sending email with .CSV file as an attachment on Unix. Everything is fine email is also generated and process is Successful, but there is no attachment to the email. Instead of it there is some non-readable text is appended to the email body.

[Email Body]
644 Multi_Clm_Loaded.csv
[This data is near about 2/3 pages long]