Calling Java Class in PeopleCode

I was getting this error code :

Java Exception: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: image: finding class image (2,725) SAG_BPJS_AE.MAIN.GBL.default.1900-01-01.Step04.OnExecute PCPC:119 Statement:2

when I try to run these code :

Local string &St_path_l = "CreatedFromPeopleSoft.xls";
Local JavaObject &Obj_class_l = CreateJavaObject("image");

note : image is a Java class (image.java) that I stored in PSHOME\class

Help me please, thanks..

How to save excel file in unique format

Hi! is it possible to make a macro in excel which saves the excel spreadsheet as a unique extension like .TS2 so that the file cannot be opened by excel directly, there would be another macro through which it can only be retreived.


Macro to save a file with last Friday's date (yyyymmdd)

I'm new to VBA and am trying to save an .xls file I received today with last Friday's date in the file name (i.e. TGO_20090807). I receive many files all week and would like to use a macro to save them all as they arrive in this save folder. Once I receive all of the weekly files I want to create a macro that will zip all the text files and save them to a new zip file using the same file name (i.e. TGO_20090807.zip). I'll need to do this every week so I need the macro to be able to change the dates each week to last Friday's date.

Save Excel xls file as a dbf (2003 version) - turn off the format loss warning?

I am saving a ton of files as .dbf files and I wondered if there is a way to disable the message that comes up every single time, warning of potential format loss, etc? I am using Excel 2003.

Thanks in advance.