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PLEASE HELP...Visual Basic - code question

Hi there,
I have created a macro in Excel 2007 using Visual Basic..
When I run it, it will take an excel sheet, turn it into a .pdf, ask you where you want to save it and then save it there as a pdf with the sheet name, and then it will open up an email (Outlook) automatically with the .pdf attached.
My question is, I want to automatically save the .pdf to c:/temp without being prompted where to save it....so all that I will see is the email with the attached .pdf pop-up and not a prompt of where to save the file.

Excel Macro to save a file with cell derived name and path

First off, I have no experience with VBA. I am trying to come up with an Excel Macro that pulls information from a cell to save a file with a specific name to a specific location.

Any help that can be provided will be greatly appreciated!

Excel Help - Macro to save file to a default location

Hello there,

I need your kind help. I have created an excel spreadsheet that will be used by multiple users. Upon clicking the submit button, I want excel macro to save the file to a default location (without using the save as dialog box), thus users do not have to save the file themselves.

Thanks in advance for assistance