Excel toCI error during loading

While loading data through ExceltoCI Iam getting an error :
Invalid value-Press the button or hyperlink for a list of valid values (15,11)
Error changing value. (TR_WIRE_PNLG_2_CI.TR_WR_DETAIL910.BANK_ID_QUAL) .(91,34)
But i could load the data through the CI tester.

The field "BANK_ID_QUAL" which is getting the error is depended on another field "COUNTRY" for its prompt values.I even tried changing the order of the fields in the excel sheet but no results.

Please Suggest...

ExceltoCI warning - CI_JOB_DATA

We are looking at creating a process to load retiree pay changes via AppEngine/CI PCode... using the CI_JOB_DATA Component Interface in PeopleSoft HRMS. However, we execute the ExceltoCI in an attempt to populate the CI, we receive the following warning: 'Pay Rate Action is chosen and Pay Rate has not been changed on effdt given.' I believe this warning is being generated b/c we are not programmatically 'clicking' the calculate compensation button. Any ideas/or suggestions??? Also, the data on the compensation tab is not being updated.