How to Pass XML String in SOAPDoc Parm

I am consuming a web service from a third party. One of the parameters in the SOAP Doc is an XML formatted as a string.

Let's say I have an XMLDoc with the following data:

Local string &strXML = "<?xml version=""1.0""?> John Doe 123456 jdoe@email.com ";

Local SoapDoc &SOAPDoc;
&SOAPDoc.AddParm("strUsersInXML", &strXML);

&SOAPXMLDoc = CreateXMLDoc();
&SOAPXMLDoc = &SOAPDoc.XmlDoc;

&request = CreateMessage(Operation.NEWUSER);

PeopleSoft Integration fails

Hi Guys,
We are integrating with active directory from peoplesoft. few of the messages are failing with the below error message, but most of the messages are success.
I have checked in active directory for the employee to whom the message is processing. but the all the employees are available. not sure how to resolve this.

Interlink Definition: Execution failed. (122,2) FUNCLIB_EO_DS.DSMASSCHANGE.FieldFormula Name:GetAtt PCPC:4539 Statement:60
Called from:FUNCLIB_EO_DS.DSPCODE.FieldFormula Name:PopAttrMap Statement:828

Troubleshooting IB messages

Pardon me if i'm asking a very basic question but I do not have any experience in IB.

I just wanted to know what are all the basic steps in trouble shooting IB.

Here is the scenario: I have done a personal data change in HR8.9 and is successfully published (PERSON_BASIC_SYNC) but the same is not subscribed in CRM. I have checked all the configurations and it looks fine. Can anyone throw some light on this please?