Integration Broker

Failed to get the Component Interface Error

Hello, we seem to have an issue on the odd occasion with an integration message where it cannot find the keys to update the chartfield value. This process is working correctly for 98% of transactions for a variety of chartfields. This is the error we are getting.

No rows exist for the specified keys. {DEPT_CF} (91,50)
No rows exist in the database with the specified keys.

PSFT Authentication token failed for Node PSFT_HR


When i ping my local node i am getting the error as "PSFT Authentication token failed for Node PSFT_HR". Can any please help in this regard.

I have also added my the local node in the navigation :- PeopleTools -> Security --> Security Objects --> Single Singon. Even then i am getting the above error.

Integration Broker--- HR-system with HR-system

I have a requirement to integrate 2 Peoplesoft HR system using an integration broker. As the Default Local Nodes of both the system is PSFT_HR, when i give them in the peoplesoft Node configuration page , i am getting the error that "Duplicate node names not allowed ". I also tried renaming one of the node but getting the error that PSFT_HR cannot be renamed. Please help.

Reg: Integration Broker full sync functionality

By running the Full Sync we will get data from source node to target node successfully.

But My question is if we will run the fullsync twice what will have happen?

I mean will there be any duplicate data in the target node including the previous run data. or It will deletes the previous data before filling the new data into the table.


Doubts in Integration Broker Please help.....

I have some doubts in integration broker.pplease clarify my doubts if anyone knows about IB.My doubts are

1)Why we will use more than one subscription event in message definition?
2)where we can see the listening connectors for the Local Gateway?
3)How transaction modifier manages to send the acknowledgements and messages from source to target in case of asnchronous to synchronous transaction?

waiting eagerly for the responce........

Thanks in Advance,
Yours Prasad.

Regarding Connector class in Integration Broker?

How connector class is useful to add new connector if you want to add it along with the peoplesoft delivered connectors?

Thanks in advance.

Can anybody explain us the Difference between AE, CI And Integration Broker?

Can anybody explain us the Difference between AE, CI And Integration Broker?

Thanks in Advance,

Troubleshooting IB messages

Pardon me if i'm asking a very basic question but I do not have any experience in IB.

I just wanted to know what are all the basic steps in trouble shooting IB.

Here is the scenario: I have done a personal data change in HR8.9 and is successfully published (PERSON_BASIC_SYNC) but the same is not subscribed in CRM. I have checked all the configurations and it looks fine. Can anyone throw some light on this please?