Can you please explain " Local %metadata:XMLPubRptMgr:RptTmpl &oInfo;" how to study this? i don't have any idea related %metadata.
it will be very helpful if you would like to share knowledge regarding this.

Date calculations in peoplecode

given a date How do I write a date function or peoplecode functionality to return the 1st business date.

Filling data into an instance of a record created by CreateRecord method.

Hi All,
I am creating a instance of a Record which is in the database using the createRecord function.Now i want to fill this instance with the values which are in the database.
For a rowset we can use .Fill method but how is it done with the record that is got by createrecord method??

How to filter Translate values

Hi Gurus,

Can any one of you please help me, We are in peoplesoft very old version 7.6 and have requirement
where we need to filter translate values on panel. We have 6 translate values for field but just want to show
3 out of them.I know we have cleardropdownlist and adddropdownitem functions in newer version but couldn't
find them in older version

Any Suggestions would be really helpfull.