People Soft

how to open multiple page tabs of similar page based on the selection of rows in grid area.

By selection of rows in grid area i need to populate secondary page in multiple tabs, all tabs need to open the same secondary page but needs to be different values in the fields based on the selected row key field.


How many secondary pages can we have in a level?

How many secondary pages can we have in a level?

Can we have a sub page in secondary page? Is it possible?

How to list the prompt values as dropdown list


I am new to people soft.Can any one tell me as how to list the prompt values as dropdown list???

Thanks in advance

Filelaout,ci and app eng

I am tryiing to insert a file through app eng and ci.
I created staging record and assigned it to file laout n drag that file laout in app eng.
in next step i had assige staging table value to state record through do select.immediate to that action i had drag a ci which associated with main record in peoplecode.
but only last value is getting inserted into main record though staging n state record working fine...

help me out with some code ........

sqr lpad(),rpad() issue

Hi All,
Can any one clarify on the below issue
For ex:
Let $str='123wwee'
Let $str1=lpad($str1,4,'0')
show 'String=' $str1
When i execute the above code it is displaying the string value '123wee' with out any changes
but as per the above code it should pad the 0's up to 4 and Final string it should display like
But it is not working as desired
Can any one clarify on this.

Thanks in advance

ePerformance Reporting

Hi All,
We have several crystal reports on ePerformance that are returning no information. The reports are basically printing blank.In the past when we had this problem I would run the Core Row Level Security processes.Recently though when I run this process for Transaction Sec. Join Table: SJT_PERSON, the process run to No Success.Any thoughts to run it success..

Ashok K.

date question in SQR

Hi All,

I have date issues in the SQR AS Shown below
one value is AGE-LIMITSTUD=2009-03-03(birthdate+Age-limit)
and another one is (currentdate-30) 14-NOV-2009 .when i compare these two dates it is not working properly.
I can use Edit option which format i need to change these two dates two compare b'cause one is getting (2009-03-03 and another one is 14-NOV-2009 ) please help me on this.

Thanks in advance

FTP Procees through SQR

Hi All,

I have one issue in the SQR where it will creates the employee_details.txt output file ,this file i need to send to Different server with Encryption.
we are Using, call system command in the SQR for this to Execute
we will create all the FTP related command in .batch file and call this batch file in the SQR
Here my Question we are using PGP Command for encryption ,can any one explain me the Below command ,Iam new to PGP commands.I have idea on FTP process.
customer has sent me their Public Key and Fingerprint.txt file

Peoplesoft DataConversion

Hi All,
We are implementing the DataConversion Process for ePerformance 8.9 to 9.0.Im new for this implementation. Now Im struck at an instance.We have data in a table T1 with 90 rows in 8.9 and 160 rows in 9.0.And the problem is that some rows with key fields are carrying different data in both the databases for the same key fields.
In 8.9:

In 9.0

Can anyone help me how to move this data to the upgraded database with out loss of data..

Ashok K.

Field is required (124,64)

Hi All,

we are getting the below error, (Field is Required x_trm_tbl - Action(124,64)
actually we are not using this record in that page also. but dont know why it is coming. Can any one please tell when this error comes.