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Send Email Option In Peoplecode

Issues with Send email option in Peoplecode..

I am trying to create one update script file and send that file on email as an attachment.

The issue is, multiple emails are getting triggered for each update script.

Below peoplecode I am using with do select, kindly suggest how I can achieve this.

Do Select:


Inserting data for parent and child records through component interface from external file

Hi , Can any one help me on this issue Read the data using Filelayout(fixed) and inserted through the component interface.
Thanks in Advance,

Need Code Or Logic in Order to Zip Attachments to store in FTP Server

To prototype a function to compress the file attachments when users upload invoices via the ePayment Requisition page which is a custom page. It is expected that this will save approximately 25% of file space on the server.

The compression function should be transparent to the user, so it is expected that the user should not need to perform any additional steps in compressing or decompressing the file.
The upload function, including compression, should work as follows:
When uploading a file:
• Click “Attach File”
• Browse for file to attach, click “Upload”

calling SQL Loader from Peoplecode


We are upgrading tools and Application of application of Peoplesoft and we are also moving to oracle 10g from db2. In one of the customized application engine peoplecode we have used load command on "DB2" to load Data from flat file to PS Table. Now I am wondering what is similar command in oracle. Also I heard that we can achieve this using SQL loader but I don’t have idea how to call SQL loader from people code. How to call SQL loader from peoplecode also please let me know if there is any alternate.

Peoplecode to implement running total

Hi All,

how to implement running total in scroll or grid using peoplecode.


No peoplecode been triggered when Save a Component

When I try to open a existing page, without do any changes I directly save the page using Component Save button. I did write peoplecode to validate fields (in save prechange event) in the record level but it seems like no response. Unable to trigger any peoplecode event.

It only will trigger the peoplecode, if I did changes one of the fields in the page and then save it.

Is there any component, page or record properties that I need to check on in order to trigger the people code although no changes in the page?

Grid field Validation

How to validate fields in a grid. When click in (+) button, will validate the field in a row. If encounter error then will not insert the new row.

conversion of csv to xml

Hi all,

I am having a question on Payroll Interface, I have created an interface and loaded the data to csv file, Now I need to convert it to xml format. Is there any way to convert it from CSV to xml.