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How can i implement Email functionality to alerts in peoplesoft.


How can i implement Email functionality to alerts ? any one help me.

Thanks, Nag.

How to get complete path after uploading files.

I got one requirement,When user clicks on browse button,It upload files.right! But my requirement says,after uploading file i have to get not only file but complete path for the file.Once i click save has to save complete path(path i have uploaded from server/local machines).

This is the code for my add attachment.

Local integer &iReturn;
Local integer &iRet;
Local string &sSysFileName, &sUserFileName;
Local string &Guid;

REM Prompt user to select a file from their folder structure;
REM and upload it to the TL_ACCT_CD_WRK table (our "file server");

Single row sub query returns more than one Row error

Hi All,

I am getting error like " Single row sub query return more than one row" while insert into another record. The query is like....

Insert into abc
select a,
from xyz;

the select statement is working fine. But while insertion, I am facing this error. I am getting this is DEV environment. But it is working fine with other two environments. Please let me know what is the issue... Thanks in advance

Peoplesoft : How can I get an jpg file from app server and store it in database ?

I am trying to get an image (JPG file) from app server and store it in out database. I need to do it using an application class peoplecode as further I need to create a webservice to pass that image further to a 3rd party application.

Kindly Suggest a way !


Issue with multiple grids on a single level in peoplesoft

Hi ,
I am new to peoplesoft.

I am doing a task in which I have to use multiple grids in the same page with the same main record.

these grids have different functionality and I have to write different peoplecode for each of them on a single event in a component.

How to distinguish between these grids.
Like I have tried giving labels but dont know how to write peoplecode for that.
Can you plz help?

I want to add a hyperlink to a peoplesoft delivered search page in peoplesoft

Hi All,

Can anybody please suggest me on the below requiremnet
I want to add a Hyperlink on the upper right corner side of the delivered search page .so when the user clicks on this link ,it will take to the page where it has correponding details for that row.
I know we can do this by customizing our own search page but i want know Whether we can do this with delivered functionality or not

Its an urgent requirment. your reply would be appriciated very much.

Thanks in advance

Any1 here who can help?

Good morning Guys,

I have a requirement in my project where in if reviewer is not mapped the a mail should triggered to a default workflow administrator .can any1 help?

Code is as below:


/*Trigger mail to Default Worklow Administrator*/
is it ok or i shall put something else

value is not displaying the Grid

I have grid which has a derived work record and dummy field from a view. This Grid is at level 2. Now based on the condtions i am assigning values to the derived but for first field which is Plan_type is not populating in the grid but rest of the fields are populating in the Grid.

Using Exec function to list files in a directory on UNIX and copying them into a file

Hi All,
I have a requirement where in I need to list all files in a directory on Unix server to be displayed to the peoplesoft user online.The user select the Server(NT or UNIX) and directory name from where he wants to view the file .
I am using the EXEC function to list the files from the directory and then moving them to a file. I will read the file through a application engine process and then move the contents to a record which i will display to the user on the grid.

Prompt Table

I would like to know if it is possible and how to dynamically change a Prompt Table based on a page name.