peoplesoft 8.49

page and component level basic question

Hi All,

I am new in peoplesoft, i am always confuse with search records.

like if i want to create a ESS and MSS page
then user Click on page their name and Emplid display..................
as manager page when manager select one emplid then how the related data is display in page.

Please explain me in details and give me any URL where i can

get basic knowledge of page and component

Add attachment On a page

How to create add attachment on a peoplesoft page by clicking which it will directed to a brows button and one can upload files from their....

scheduled job is not initiating


I have tried to schedule a job in process scheduler's "Schedule job set items", but the job is not coming to Process monitor Queue.
It is showing next start date time, but after that date time also it is not processing.

Kindly please advise me..

Thanks in advance



I need to find out some details for the records that i am having in my project like no of filed,filed lables,filed types,whether it is key or not,
where it has prompt or translate table,whether this is required field or not...(Trhough a query)
any suggetion would be appreciated

Component Interface Issue


Would you like to help me in this regard?

There is an issue with Date format in filelayouts using App Engine program.

Here are the Details:
1)When we are using the the date format as DD/MM/YYYY the App engine (through CI) is running to success and data is loading into the Database.

Sample csv with valid date format : 011060K|03|ITA|S|N||RONAL|LEE|||||||||||||Y|||N|24/05/1985|||

Component interface error


I am using component interface to bulk upload the data(History Person). Running through Process Schedular showing the staus as Success. but in the Log file It show an error for name field.
Here is the Error.
++ Error : Error formatting field. {C1_BL_HISPER.NAME} (91,33)
checking error code
++ Error Saving Record :

I have Checked the validation code for the name.
&SplitPosition = Find(" ", &REC2.NAME_DISPLAY.Value);
&FirstName = Substring(&REC2.NAME_DISPLAY.Value, 1, &SplitPosition - 1);

SCRTY_SJTUPD (Security Update) - Application Engine Failing


The Application Engine SCRTY_SJTUPD(Security update) is failing.
Strange things is that , it is not generating any log files to view the error. Any suggestion on this issue is appreciated. thanks


How to Store and Maintain pictures in PeopleSoft 8.9

what are the image types supported
- any file size, image size restrictions
- mechanisms to batch upload pictures
- any issues relating to updating pictures
- what is the normal practise around which roles can see the pictures e.g. (Manager Self Service, Employee Self Service, HR)
- are pictures effective dated
- disk space implications?
- can the whole upload and maintenance be managed entirely by standard PSoft or will customisations be required to get it to work?