PeopleSoft 9.0

GL workflow

Does delivered peoplesoft GL workflow sends mail when any user submits journal entry.
As far as i know it generates only worklist entry in case of submission but send mail only in case of denial please confirm.

How can I lock flags on the run control page?

is there any way to lock a flag (publish voucher messages) on the run control page of AP_VCHRBLD app engine, from the web interface.
i need all the users accessing the voucher build run control page not to be able to check "publish voucher messages" box.

i am looking for a way that does not imply changing code or objects in AD.


update all status codes

I would like to create a button that the user can push to update all rows for a specific customer to a certain status code.

Information required on Peoplesoft SCM tables

Hello PSFT Gurus,

I am looking out for the peoplesoft Supply Chain Management (SCM) tables.
My question is - do we have any weblink/document or a good book providing information on module-wise PSFT tables?
I will elaborate my problem-
For example - I am looking at Purchase Order page of PSFT SCM module. I want to know- which Peoplesoft table stores information written on Create Purchase Order Page in peoplesoft.
Specifically I am also looking at tables storing configuration/set up for Peoplesoft Supply Chain Management (SCM) module.

~Ambarish Vaidya, Chartered Accountant

Staging table issues


As am working in an environment whare more than 170 forign currency is used to process payroll in PeopleSoft HCM module. common issues we are facing is transcation not posted to GL from staging table to GL, or Difference in xchage rate between payment table (transaction table) and Staging Table.

I would really appreciate if any one could explain complete process of HCM to GL posting and the reasons for the above differences.

Thank you in advance


how to find lenght of string array?

how to find lenght of string array?

Can anyone tell me few real business scenarios where i can use Mass Update

Hi ,

Please let me know few real business scenarios where i can use Mass Update. Also please tell me the advantages & disadvantages of Mass Update

Waiting for reply.

Thanks in advance.


what is needed for ACH payments

I know that PSFT handles ACH payments, but I've not setup nor processed them before. And the info in People Books is scattered all over... Can anyone provide a "to do" list of all the things we'd need to pay Vendors and Vouchers out of PeopleSoft with an ACH payment?
Thanks in advance.

Approval Workflow Engine (AWE)

Hi there,
Help me out !!!
In preview I am able to see message "Not Routed" and the recipient Name but no related item in his Worklist. I hav two different components and pages one for the Transaction and Second for the Approval. Approval page and component are registered in AWE Set Up. There is no data in my _XREF table and no related data even in the PTAFAW_WL (Worklist Record).

Is there any code i need to write at my components?
Can you please tell me what all the code need to be written with respect to AWE working?

Thanks in advanced...

Error "No approvals required"

I am trying to implement workflow through AWE in a new custom application. I have done the following settings in the path this "Setup HRMS -> Common Definitions-> Approvals"
1. Register Transactions
2. Workflow Transactions
3. Configure Transactions
4.Setup Process Definitions

I am getting message like "No approvals required" when I am viewing through the preview of Setup Process Definitions. I am struggling with this.

I will be thankful to you if u help me out.