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Populate Multiple Grids on a same Page with diff output based on conditions.

Hi To Populate Multiple Grids from one main record
Two Grids are on a same page with a same main record and different page field name.
I would like to populate two grids independently from one record based on conditions, but not sure on how we can distinguish between grid names.
I under GetGrid, but how we can write under IF condition.
The outcome of below code is it's populating both grids based on the last rowset result and not by specific Grid

Below is my code under field Change.

Local Rowset &Level0wk, &Level0wk1, &firstGrid_RS, &SecondGrid_RS;

Page duplication using 'save as' in App Designer - edit boxes not seen in frontend

Hello guys,

I am new to Peoplesoft and currently encountering the following problem :

I wanted a copy of an existing Run control page and so I did 'save as' on the page in App Designer and gave it a new name. Created a new component and registered it under an existing menu.

When I see my new page in the frontend, I can only see the field labels but not the edit boxes and the prompt symbols associated with them. Not sure why. I cross checked all the properties and the people code of my new page against the original and could not find any difference.

facing problem while creating prompt table

when i am trying to create a prompt table in a field in the front end its showing a SQL error and after that no
matching values found.

about interactive and differed

if page is an interactive and component is an differed which one will fire more in this?

marquee in peoplesoft

I need to use a marquee text in peoplecode
I want a text to move when a page opens
How do i do this?
please help

How do I prevent empty rows being saved to a record when a page is saved?

I thought there was a check box somewhere in Application Designer that would prevent records being saved where there was no data in non-key fields.
Am I correct or will I need to use Peoplecode to check if those fields are empty and if they are then delete that row?

Thanks in anticipation