PeopleSoft - Application Engine

Temparory Tables

If in AE i select temparory table count as 5, then system will create 5 temp tables during this, but what is the code to distribute the data in those 5 records so that it can processed parallel?

How to print totals grouping by each column through application engine

Through Application engine, i need populate the data for setid and customer and group them as bekow.

In an xls data will be printed for each setid and customer. For each setid I need to print total of them across a row. How to do this. Please advise.

setid C ustomer
hkgcy A
hkgcy A1
Total HKGCY 2
auscy c
auscy g
auscy g2
Total HKGCY 3

in peoplesoft need to delete rows in particular table by clicking on checkbox

in peoplesoft need to delete rows in particular table based on condition, by clicking on checkbox which is present in page.

Please reply me ASAP.

Thanks in advance.

Schedule Application Engine

Can we schedule application engine thru peoplecode if yes could you plz share the code.


outbound to a csv file using application engine


i had ran application program(2-tier) for performing outbound to a csv file.
i retrieved business_unit and voucher_id from ps_voucher and inserted in csv file.
its success but values in voucher_id values are missing zero's which are prefixed for an voucher.
for ex:-

business_unit voucher_id

us001 2
us002 14

kindly solve this.

How does the PIA know which App engine to run with a Page

After creating a project and application engine in app designer

you register component

how does the pia know which app engine to use, do yo have to go to processes to create the linkage?


Any1 help finding out how to call CI through Peoplecode.

My requirement is that i have two componet C1 and C2....
some field from page P1 of C1 are there on the page P2 of C2.

So i need to call CI2 when i made any changes in my P1 OF C1.....

any article ,code,hint will be helpful

Getting Nosucess when runing appengine


when I am running Appengine it is going to No success and throwing the following error.

SQL error. Stmt #: 1604 Error Position: 0 Return: 8602 - [ IBM][CLI Driver] CLI0165E Err or in row. SQLSTATE=01S01 [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2] SQL0138 N The second or third argumen t of the SUBSTR function is ou t of range. SQLSTATE=22011 (SQLSTATE 22011) -138

Along with the error it is showing the Step name as

Can we access main page record from secondary page?


Is it Possible to access record on main page from the secondary page called from a push button on the main page.I want to access main record field from the peoplecode written on event fieldchange from a button on secondary page and want to assign the value to main page record field.

Skipping Application Engine Section

Hi All,

I have an Application Engine, with two Sections - one Main and a Section A.

Main section has got one DoSelect action followed by the Call Section action to Section A.

Section A has PeopleCode action and SQL action.

The peopleCode action in section A, on encoutering a particular condition, wants to skip the SQL section followed by it and proceed to the next row returned by the DoSelect action in the Main section.

Pls let me know how to proceed . This is really urgent and any help/hint will be highly apppreciated.

Thanks in advance.