PeopleSoft conversion

Sequence ?

Hi all,

I wanted a help from you. In my application there is a field Transaction id which should get incremented by 1 every time a previous transaction is been saved. i tried writing the below code in SavePostChange

My_Field = GetNextNumber(My_Record.My_Field, 99999999);

It's not working. The field is on level 0 of the page. Do i need to write a function for this or i can use built-in 1's ?

Thanks in advance.

peopletool 8:49 definitions

Could any one tell me the
what are table belongs to feild definitions like (pslfdefn,psflddel..etc)
and same for record,componenet and page in version peopletool 8:49

Pls reply answer


file layout error handling

I need to create a Rejected File that contains the data rejected by the File LAyout during inbound using AE. The File Layout writes the rejected data into the Log file, but do not write the error field data.
ex: For wrong date format, it writes into the log file all the data in the row except the error data (date in this case) specifying that there is an error in the date. I need to put the date also in the rejected file.
Also i need to prefix 'R' for each row in the rejected file(FileLayout has child segments). (Doesn't workout for child rows.).

Data conversion in peoplesoft

HI All,

I am working on a conversion. I have to pull the data from the staging tables into the sPro Application tables.I have large amount of data that has to be pulled.

Could you please tell me the approach that I have to go ahead with to pull the data successfully into sPro App tables.There are lot of validations to take place before the data gets loaded into PS App tables.I am thinking of loading the data from the staging table into a temporary table, do the manipulations in the temporary table and then load the data within the temporary table into the PS app tables