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Prompt: No matching values found

I have two prompts, Business Unit (BU) and Location.
The location prompt is mapped to Location table and list all the location under the selected BU in the first prompt.

The requirement is the user should be able to see only those Locations which they have access within the selected BU. I created the view but the Location Prompt is not fetching any value (the query I written is fetching the value at the back end).

My doubt is how the BU prompt drives the Location prompt. What is the table key structure requirement.
Please suggest.

Peoplesoft Dynamic prompt table

Hi All,

I have a page having fields namely Institution,Academic Year,Stream ,Term begin dt,Term End Dt fields respectively.
Requirement is that based upon the values of Institution,Academic Year,Stream field values the fields Term begin dt,Term End Dt should be dynamically prompted.

I created a dynamic view which selects the Institution,Academic Year,Stream ,Term begin dt,Term End Dt
fields from PS_TERM_TBL.

I wrote the peoplecode in the field change of
Stream field Field Change. But im not able to get the dynamic data from the prompt table. My Peoplecode goes like this

Defaulting of prompt vales in PeopleSoft pages


My component X does not have a search page. It has a field which has a prompt attached.
Once I click on the prompt, a search page opens on which 3 keys ans 3 alternate search keys open.
I want to default the value of one of these search keys to "abc" (existing value for this field).

1) Default the value on the record field properties of this record. Tries this bus does not work. Even after setting this, the prompt table field does not get defaulted on the search page.

2) Somehow access the prompt field in Peoplecode and enforce the default value over it.

Applicatin enginee error

I am getting following error while uploading a file through file layout in appengine from from end.
Though its working fine fron backend....
error message is as follows...........

PeopleTools 8.49.07 - Application Engine
Copyright (c) 1988-2010 PeopleSoft, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

Open of file Z:\PSCustom\name.csv failed: No such file or directory. (2,633) AP_PB3.MAIN.GBL.default.1900-01-01.Step01.OnExecute PCPC:3719 Statement:57

Process 21171 ABENDED at Step AP_PB3.MAIN.Step01 (PeopleCode) -- RC = 8 (108,524)

How to use the same prompt table for three fields on a page?

I have three fields on my page which are using prompt:
The views behind these pompts pickup value from the same base table and there is no where clause involved.It is a simple select statement for three of them:
Field1 - Prompt table SQL - select Field1 from Table 1
Field2 - Prompt table SQL - select Field2 from Table 1
Field3 - Prompt table SQL - select Field3 from Table 1
I want to use the same view for all the three prompts if possible