peoplesoft SQR's

email functionality in SQR

I am having email delivery failures where the email address contail the "&" sign.So ANY e-mail address containing an ‘&’ symbol is not recognised . I am using SQR report to send the orders. Can you help me out

quesion on using arrays in sqr's

Hi All,

Can anyone please tell me the reason for the following error.
(SQR 1500) Array element out of range (-1) for array 'work-array' on line 47.
this error is coming when I am trying to run a deliveried SQR.

Is there any problem with the plotform or version or while upgradation. the code in the SQR looks ok


sqr procedures with unions

Hi All,
Can anyone please tell me how we can use unions in sqr procedure. can any one send few examples. i am using 3 unions in the procedure. but it is selecting the data from the first sql and ignoring the remaining two sqls. so Can any one please give your suggestions on this. please provide some examples if you have.