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Updating a row using Peoplecode - Component Interface.

Hi, My client requirement is to insert and update rows from staging record to a transaction records PS_LOCATION_TBL. I am getting issues when a row is already exists in a record and I CI need to update a row.
For example: With Location ID 001 there are two rows in location table with effective dates 01/01/1900 and 01/01/2001. There is a row in a staging record with effdt 01/01/1900 that need to be updated.

Below is a snippet of a code and I am getting issue where I am comparing location collection effective date with the date in a staging record to tell CI only that row need to be updated (If &oLocationTblCollection.EFFDT = &currLocEffdt Then).

If I do not enter above IF statement then I get an error Instance must exist to set property {LOCATION.EFFDT} as it's trying to update 01/01/2001 and it's not in staging record. If I enter If &oLocationTblCollection.EFFDT = &currLocEffdt then I get First operand is .NULL error because collection has not been loaded. But it's important to compare collection effective date with staging effective date to update the row correctly without errors.

To load CSV file data into staging table without using file layout


Can any one help out. Iam new from this.

Requirement is.
Step. To load CSV file into staging table without using file layout.
Step. After loading data into staging table, from staging table to Insert data into parent table and child tables
Ex. Level 0
Level 1
Level 2
How would I write code, please send me sample code.


Formatting the data fields on the .rtf template for xml publisher report

Hi All,
how to print the data at right hand side of the template in
out put. I have a data to print at right hand side and left hand side to the template. I have placed them accordingly. But the data is start printing from left to right on the same line with out taking the space as specified in the template.

Please suggest me.