PeopleTools 8.5.xx Change Size of Prompt Dialoges

Hi PeopleSofties,

is there anyone knowing how to change standard size of new prompt dialog windows that appear since PeopleTools 8..5.xx ?

Thanks a lot !


Problem viewing files that were saved as Attachments using PSoft functions


I was able to apply the code delivered in FILE_ATTACH_WRK to send an attachment to our server, and also to retrieve (view) the file. But something is happening to the files when I return them from the server to view them. For example, I saved a text file, but when I pull the file back to view it appears that all the carriage returns have been removed. A file saved like this....

-- Script : delete_bad_referral.sql
-- 01/10/2011 rjm
-- Return failure code when program does not complete successfully
whenever sqlerror exit failure;
whenever oserror exit failure;

PeopleSoft Crystal Report Error

Hi All,

When I'm running the Crystal process, it ran into an error stating- Not enough bind values: 6 is/are required but 3 was/were supplied.

The Crystal query is having only 3 binds- Emplid,Begin-dt,End-dt
In Crystal process definitions,in override options, i gave 3 parameters

for the parameter list. Still I'm getting the same error. Also earlier,we applied a peopletools patch 8.49.29.

Can any one please shed some light on this.


Reading file data from a record in peoplesoft app engine


I am looking to read the data from a file on the PeopleSoft record.

Actually my requirement is to upload a file on the run control page to a record using (Record:\\REC_NAME(contains only the subrecord FILE_ATTDET_SBR) as the URL defn) and then read the file from this record. Is there a way out to read the data present within the file stored on the database record. I am tryng to read the data from this file and insert it to a record using a File layout.

Please let me know your thoughts or any other way aroound for this.


Processing MOde


What is means of Processing Mode in Component.(Deferred and Interactive).
pls explain any one in simple way

Add delete method to a CI and expose it to third pary through web service

I need to create a Delete method in a CI & then expose that as web service to 3rd party. Can any one help on this?

Or is there any other way to delete rows in peoplesoft from third party systems using web service?

Thanks In advance

Tree Access

Hi All,

I have a peoplecode which adds departments automatically to the department security tree. This is done using Tree class. Now we need to give this functionality to a new set of users who don't have tree/tree manager access. I'm sure tree access is given via Definition Security. I have created a Group, added it to a permission list and assigned to the users via role. Now, when the peoplecode is triggered by these users tree saving is failed. I'm not sure why? I think i'm missing something in the definition security. Can anyone help me identify what is wrong?


Troubleshooting IB messages

Pardon me if i'm asking a very basic question but I do not have any experience in IB.

I just wanted to know what are all the basic steps in trouble shooting IB.

Here is the scenario: I have done a personal data change in HR8.9 and is successfully published (PERSON_BASIC_SYNC) but the same is not subscribed in CRM. I have checked all the configurations and it looks fine. Can anyone throw some light on this please?



RowsetCache class


When is RowsetCache used? In what kind of scenarios it will be useful?