content reference shows folder's old content


I know it is basic level question for you guys, but I found this problem, I added new subfolder and registered few components to one parent folder (created by me), when I navigate from menu(sidebar),its show old content of folder, and if I navigate from main menu(right hand side frame), its showing new contents. Cache problem or what

Portal external URL, no template gets 404 once, then works on second try.

Followed Lepa's post from 12/13/2007 because we have a nav collection pagelet that uses non peoplsoft URL links that were using the default template created for our portal. The links worked fine this way from within our local network, but when used via the internet we would get the template with a blank screen - no error, just white space inside the template.

Running SQR from Process Scheduler

Hi friends,

My questions are as follows:
• In App Designer, I cloned a Run Control record, deleted the unnecessary fields, and added
Begin date and End date fields.
In PRCSRUNCNTL_LC_SBP, do I need to use PRCSRUNCNTL record or use my own?
My logic tells me to use my Run Control record.

• I need to build a new sub folder for reports under an existing folder under Portal.
How would I connect a menu to the new subfolder?


How to append emplid to external URL string from PeopleSoft menu

I am able to setup Structure and Content/Content Ref Administration so that I can go to an external URL from a PeopleSoft menu item thanks to the excellent tip on this site. I also need to pass the signed-on employee's id to the URL string in order to login to the external app. I have created a Conten Referenct Attribute called EMPLID with the attribute value of %EmployeeId, translate is checked. I set the Portal URL to this: