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PS Query - Need Dependency and Prunable examples

So I'm in the midst of modifying this massive PS Query to add some new functionality. It runs quite a long time, and after our last Tools upgrade I notice the new Dependency tab in Query Manager. It shows each record that is part of the query, and has a Prunable? checkbox.

There is also an Add Field Dependency pushbutton which opens up a gride below.

Image in PSQuery

I want to print signatures of user printing the report on the crystal report. When i tried to query a table having image field in PS query it shows Database driven error.Is there a way to achieve this.Signatures willl be stored as gif in database.How do i get them.Please suggest

Sub query in ps query

Hi All,

I wrote a query in ps-query. In tat, i used to write a subquery along with the main query, but i cant join the sub-query along with the main query. Kindly do the needful. Thanks in advance.

how to add fields groupby clause in psquery

Im doing upgradation FSCM8.8/9.1.............I have one issue in query groupby is ther here i want to add some fields in psquery.....let me know clearly how to add those felds

Can I join the results of two PeopleSoft queries?

I am trying to write a query to reconcile cost balances between PeopleSoft Asset Management and the General Ledger.

I have written two queries that summarize cost by Business Unit, Account & Department. I would like to join the results of these two queries to show a side-by-side comparison of the amounts in each module - preferrably with the ability to add a column to calculate the difference. There could be a case where one BU/Account/Dept combination has a balance in one module - but not the other.

Is this possible?


Getting prompts into complex query in PS

Can you tell me the best practice for this scenario? We want to provide a menu item, that when the user chooses it, will provide job information. The user will enter various prompts such as selected business units, deptids, empl_status, and so on. The result should be similar to query results on the screen, with an option to download.