Populate Multiple Grids on a same Page with diff output based on conditions.

Hi To Populate Multiple Grids from one main record
Two Grids are on a same page with a same main record and different page field name.
I would like to populate two grids independently from one record based on conditions, but not sure on how we can distinguish between grid names.
I under GetGrid, but how we can write under IF condition.
The outcome of below code is it's populating both grids based on the last rowset result and not by specific Grid

Below is my code under field Change.

Local Rowset &Level0wk, &Level0wk1, &firstGrid_RS, &SecondGrid_RS;

inserting rows within standalone rowset without fill

I see lots of references to filling a rowset via data from a table. Can we insert rows within a standalone rowset without using fill?

RowsetCache class


When is RowsetCache used? In what kind of scenarios it will be useful?