Approval Workflow Engine : How to CC for all the email notifications

Hi All -

Requirement is to send email(CC) to admin for all the email notifications sent to employees using AWE.
Can any one please let me know how to achieve this object. Do I need to modify the code to write peoplecode logic or can this be achieved using setup?

Thanks in Advance

Where to set SQRFLAGS in Unix?

We are in the midst of upgrading from 8.8 to 9.1 HCM. We setup a Tools 8.5 Development database. When I run a SQR from a Unix script, I get a "Cannot find #include file SETENV.SQC" error. I know I need to set the -i flag to specify the custom and delivered SQR directories, but am not sure where? Rather than the SQR command line, isn't there a file like PSSQR.UNX that I can add some code to that will tell the system what the flags are? Please let me know where and what the syntax is.

Thanks in advance for your help!