SQR writing text file line longer than 32767

I have an SQR that writes to a CSV file. Each line potentially has a *ton* of text, well exceeding the record length limit of 32767. Has anyone been able to accomplish something like this? Is it possible to write multiple times to the same line? For example, right now I have something like this:

string $var1 $var2 $var3 $var4 into $output_record
write 1 from $output_record

So what I might do is
string $var1 $var2 into $output_record
write 1 from $output_record
string $var3 $var 4 into $output_record
write 1 from $output $record

Re:how to write data into CSV file using SQR

HI guys..
AS i am new to peoplesoft ....i was asked to write data into a CSV file using SQR...i just created a CSV file but unable to write into the CSV file...can any one please help me regarding this...

Thanks ALL for ur HELP

How to send a mail to third party using sqr in windows platform

I have a task that a mail has to trigger to my manager when i run a perticular SQR Program

SQR 6002 cannot open printer file C:\SPL\WOPRINT.SPF


Any idea on the below error. This is error is generated while running a report. This usually arises when user opens a report and does not close it. This error usually occurs for citrix users. I have tried renaming the file WOPRINT.spf but it says it’s in use and cannot rename.

SQR 6002 cannot open printer file C:\SPL\WOPRINT.SPF

Please advice.


SQR NEW-REPORT and the internal page counter reset

I have an SQR program that produces 2 reports, which I would like to use NEW-REPORT to dynamically name the output. The output is generated for each report simultaneously, meaning I have to write to each report with each record in the query. I don't write one report, finish it, then write the second.

I've read elsewhere that NEW-REPORT will reset the internal page counter on the reports when executed. I think this is why my output is only giving me one record, as opposed to my sample of 3.

How would I customize my SQR to have a .csv output instead of PRINT-DIRECT ?


Could anyone suggest/help me how would I customize my SQR program to have a .csv output.
Right now the sqr using PRINT-DIRECT command and is sending output directly to .lis
The original output (Result) can be obtained,in this case, only after print
I need it ASAP please!!

Thanks in advance!!


running AE from SQR

how to run AE program from sqr
thanks in advance

SQR-Heading Section

In heading-section is it madatary to specify the no.of lines for heading?
i.e is Begin-heading 6
.If not madatary how many lines the system will allocate defaulty
thanks in advance

SQR data types

In sqr variable String and Date are preceded with $ only.
So how the system will recognize weather it's type of date or string .
thanks in advance

Where to set SQRFLAGS in Unix?

We are in the midst of upgrading from 8.8 to 9.1 HCM. We setup a Tools 8.5 Development database. When I run a SQR from a Unix script, I get a "Cannot find #include file SETENV.SQC" error. I know I need to set the -i flag to specify the custom and delivered SQR directories, but am not sure where? Rather than the SQR command line, isn't there a file like PSSQR.UNX that I can add some code to that will tell the system what the flags are? Please let me know where and what the syntax is.

Thanks in advance for your help!