Name change Workflow using PS role query

Hi All, Please take sometime to review below query ::

My company asked me to change work flow for Name Change.
We are in ver 8.9 ( Tools 8.49 ). Requirement is Change vanilla work flow from payroll administrator
to Compensation Advisor. Compensation Advisor should get email and worklist, after submit
the name change request. Then he will approve.
So I create a new role ( COMPENSATION ADVISOR ) add attached
new query role ( _ROLE_DI_COMP_ADVISOR ). I mapped new role for oprid in the activity.
Below is my sql for
_ROLE_DI_COMP_ADVISOR ( role query ).


Worklist not updating properly

Hi compshack,

how u doing? long time!

I'm facing an issue in the worklist page

After submitting a transfer request, the workflow is routed correctly to the approver via. AWE.

Email notifications are getting triggered properly but a weird thing is happening when it comes to the worklist part

PSWORKLIST table shows a row containing the details of the request with the INSTSTATUS value as '0', but nothing is getting displayed for the particular request in the worklist page!

The corresponding workflow table for the transaction is PS_PTFAW_WL which also contains the needed data

Help reqd on AWE

Hello Compshack!

I need your help urgently with this, am in the middle of setting up notifications for a custom component using the Approval Workflow Engine. I have setup the details of the transaction under Setup HRMS > Common Defns > Approvals, and added code calling the DoSubmit() in SavePostChange of the component.

Approval Rule Set

Hi ,
I am stuck up in setting up the Approval Rule Set I hav problem in seting the amount rule. I have 2 conditional approvers when the amount is more than 10000 the reimbursement require 2 aprovals but if less only 1 approval.

I will be very greatful if you help me out of the mess.

Thank You

GL WorkFlow

I am working on the development of GL Journal Entry Approval Workflow and I need to modify the delievered objects as per the Business Requirements.
While submiting the Journals I need the request to be routed to GLSUPERS.

Could you please tell me that what are all custmization is required and where we have to write the peoplecode.

Thanks & Regards