Manual HTML Tag support for HTML_SUB in XMLP

Hi, I am using PT 8.53 PUM5 , XMLP with XML as data source where XML is getting generated using peoplecode.

In HRMS Text catalog , customer has a string with bind variable which are assigned while creating final statement. Customer want to have few words out of that as bold/italic.

Hi %1 , Thanks for enrolling in %2 event , your changes will take place on %3 and you will notified on your email id %4. Please submit %5 documents before %6

XMLP issue while installing Peoplesoft9/PeopleTools8.49

I have installed PS9/8.49 in my laptop and everything is fine. When I open the XMLP-Report Defn I get a noclassdefnfound error. The error comes from the peoplecode line CreateJavaObject(com.peoplesoft.pt.xmlpublisher.PSXPXsdUtils). Basically classes/jar file for XMLP is missing in the class directory. Do Peoplesoft supply this jar file separately or can I download from edelivery site. Please help me here,

Create Paychecks/Advice in PDF Form

Hi All,

We are running on Oracle 10g with HCM 9.0 and PeopleTools 8.49. I have a prod request to modify Self Service Advice PDF form to add additional data to the PeopleSoft delivered Self Service Advice PDF form. I have done the following steps but I still couldn't get data populated to the Self Servcie Advice form correctly :
1. Modified delivered template PYUSADVB.rtf to add additional data elements.
2. Modified DDP003.sqr to write additional data elements in XML format with data.
3. Uploaded updated template PYUSADVB.rtf to Report Name SSPUSADV with a new effective.

PeopleSoft XMLP, RTF template does not print well as PDF

We developed a new XML report. Setup for Report Defn for the template is RTF, and it runs thru the Financial Gateway (as part of ACH payment processing). The RTF template is landscape, as it has many columns of data. Template looks good, even with the many columns that it has.
Process runs just fine, but the output file of the PDF looks much different. The columns are all pushed together, and it looks terrible.
Is there some setting or trick to get the PDF output to look as nice as the RTF template?
Any suggestions are greatly apprepriated.